Project's Features

Constructed over a 155.257 SQM land area the project is designed coastal buildings and mansions in the Bosporus outline of historical characteristics with modern architecture consists total 407 luxurious units with 39.000SQM landscape area devoted for green space.

Award winning developer concept of fold home structure without taking space in your own apartment entertainment systems are available in separate floors for you and your family such as Celebration room, music room, private studio, Guestroom, indoors and outdoor pools and much more 

The project is easily connected to all areas in Asian and European parts of Istanbul through Marmaray line in Üsküdar metro station that is only a few minutes away from the project.

Project Amenities

  • Commercial center for int. brands
  • Nearby schools
  • Forest landscape
  • Sea view
  • Parks & Nature open door areas
  • 24/7 Security systems
  • Outdoor pools
  • Indoor pools
  • Smart house System
  • Parking
  • Gym & Fitness Center

Why Buy This Property?

  • Guaranteed project by the Turkish government.
  • High return on investment
  • Family living environment with Bosporus view apartments.